What is the Paleo Diet?

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of the paleo diet. It’s changed my life for the better by helping me cut out all the crap and synthetic products I used to eat.

But I’m aware that not everyone understands the paleo diet, or has even heard of it. There is a lot of bad information out there too, which can make it even more difficult to start. I get particularly annoyed by the “sales people” of the internet who try to make paleo as complicated as possible, just so they can sell a new book or product about it.

It’s really not that hard to eat paleo!

Here’s a simple guide to get started.

It’s all about the VEG


If you don’t like vegetables but want to do the paleo diet, you better start liking them as soon as possible! Some people say that lean meats are the bedrock of paleo, but I disagree – it’s vegetables. They contain an abundance of nutrients that are essential for proper health. Fruits are also good too, but they are much higher in sugar.

Eat lean meat only


The protein you get in meat is ESSENTIAL for proper bone growth, strong muscles and a variety of other functions, so paleo includes a lot of it. The great thing about protein is that it gives you that satisfied “full” feeling, so you’re less likely to snack between meals.

Get healthy fats


We need fats, especially monounsaturated and Omega 3. They help protect against many diseases, including certain types of cancer, and can even limit decline in brain function. All of this might sound far-fetched, but only because the media long ago decided that fats were the devil if you wanted to be healthy.

The paleo diet recommends eating only lean meats for fats, but you can also get it from seeds, nuts, avocados and olive oil. If necessary, you can supplements omega 3.

What to avoid

Now you know what to eat, what shouldn’t you eat. You can throw away pretty much anything that’s processed, and get rid of sugary snacks. Here’s a quick run-down of other things not to eat:

  • Grains – these weren’t a part of the human diet in ancient times, so shouldn’t be now.
  • Dairy – for the same reason as grains.
  • Legumes
  • Alcohol
  • Starches

If you’re new to paleo, these rules can sound restrictive – and they are, to a certain extent. But don’t let that put you off. Once you start feeling the energy that comes with eating proper paleo, you’ll never want to go back to the sluggish feeling of eating processed, sugary foods that’s also slowly killing you.

I don’t say this to preach – I have only eaten paleo for the last year or so. But it’s made such a difference to my life that I want everyone to at least give it a fair try!

If you want more information than this introduction guide, check out this post on Nerd Fitness. It’s one of the best beginner’s guides I’ve seen.



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