RANT: The Rise of “Food Challenges”

In an era where people are becoming increasingly overweight, more likely to have diabetes and generally less healthy, it seems like there are some people who haven’t received the memo.

I’m talking specifically about YouTube “Food Challenges.”

If you haven’t seen one before, food challenges involve buying and eating as much food (usually junk food) as possible in a short amount of time. Check out the video below, where a guy eats over 8000 calories of fast food in a single sitting (yes, 8000).

Now, I can see the fun in the video – and the food actually looks really nice (just because I love great food doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the occasional junk meal).

But is this really the message we want to be sending people? That it’s OK to stuff your face with food, as long as you call it a challenge?

Maybe I’m being too overly worried about people’s eating habits, but it’s something that I think society has to address. You don’t need to stuff your face or eat to bursting when you have a meal. It’s actually more enjoyable just to eat a until you’re not hungry anymore, instead of forcing as much food as possible down.

I don’t blame the guy in the video for doing it. He looks like he keeps himself in shape, and he’s probably making decent money from the videos.

The problem is people who will copy the video who aren’t in shape or who don’t understand how bad this type of eating really is for me.

Not to mention that I would be very surprised if he didn’t throw up after he finished recording!

Anyway, rant over for me. Look out for my next post which will be on a more fun topic.

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