I get a lot of questions via email – which is great! I started to realise that many of the questions were the same though, so I thought it would be a good idea to create a frequently asked questions page I can direct people to instead.

This has two benefits:

  1. I can write longer and more in-depth answers to help people with their kitchen and cooking problems
  2. It saves me time on re-writing similar answers – so I can write more blog posts!

Frequently Asked Questions from Gary

What Got You Started With Cooking?

Hmm…this is a tough one. I dont’ remember “starting” cooking – it’s just something I’ve always done. Even when I was a young child, my mother would get me to help her cook. I think that’s where I developed such positive feelings for cooking, as I always loved helping in the kitchen.

Are You a Professional Chef?

No – and I don’t want to be!

I’m of the opinion that you should keep your work life and hobbies separate. I love cooking – but from the comfort of my own home. There’s nothing better than cooking a tasty dish for friends and family and seeing the delight on their faces when they eat it.

Every now and then I’m tempted to train as a professional, but I always decide against it. The thought of churning out hundreds of the same meals in a hot kitchen and with tight deadlines is completely different from what I enjoy about cooking.

It doesn’t mean I don’t respect chefs though. They are incredible – I aspire to be as good as them!

What’s this About the Paleo Diet?

One of the great things about cooking your own food is that you know EXACTLY what’s in it. When you realise the crap that goes into your regular food, it’s difficult to ever go back.

I think the Paleo diet has its problems, which is why I don’t follow it religiously. The general idea of eating clean and lean foods, while avoiding processed alternatives, is something I think many people could do well with.

How Should I Learn How to Cook?

Just start cooking! There’s no substitute for experience.

I do have some advice though: master the basics. There are some excellent YouTube channels out there (and I have some beginner’s guides on this blog too). Cooking becomes much less stressful when you find the basics easy.

Other than that, don’t stress about finding the perfect “learning path.” Don’t worry about making mistakes either.