Hello! Thank you for your interest in advertising in Dine At Applewood.

If you’re interested in reaching an audience of food enthusiasts, then this could be a great opportunity for you. Since launching, we’re developing an audience of people who feel strongly that their food should be clean, healthy and easy to cook.

We offer a range of advertising options, including:

  • Sidebar advertising – this is our “bread and butter” advertising option, and you can see some examples in the sidebar at the moment. Payment is per month and there are no minimum contracts, so you can test how an ad performs without committing to a long-term spend.
  • Product reviews – if you have a product you think our audience might be interested in, we would love to review it. We’ll always be honest though, so we can’t guarantee a postive review. If your product is good, however, we won’t hestitate to recommend it to your audience.
  • Sponsored content – we will always make it clear that our content is sponsered – so please don’t ask us to “hide” it. But if we think your product aligns with what our audience is interested in, we’d be happy to explore some content ideas that could expose your business to our readers in a positive way.
  • Giveaways – one of the best ways to drum up interest in your brand is to run a giveaway. We’ll advertise your giveaway on our blog and social media accounts. We’ll also handle the entire selection process.
  • We also ofer optoins for market research, social media “takeovers” and much more. If you have a creative idea for an advertising campaign, we’d also love to hear about it.

Please note: We are very selective about which companies we allow to advertise on our site. While we’d love to hear from you, we are not interested in advertising companies that we don’t think align with our ethos or that wouldn’t benefit our audience. Thank you for your understanding!

To find out more about our advertising services, please contact We’re happy to provide more information about our reader demographics, size and other statistics about the blog.

We look forward to hearing from you!